Flores II

14 meses después de mi primer Flowers Opening Timelapse, llega mi segundo timelapse de esta serie, donde podréis ver mucha más variedad de flores a pesar de que es ligeramente más corto. Os dejo con el timelapse y la lista de flores:

Flowers Opening Timelapse II from David de los Santos Gil on Vimeo.

Flores: Jacinto, Hibiscus, Narciso, Astromelia, Margaritas, Rosa, Cactus (Trichocereus), Iris,  Pendiente de la reina, Flor de almendro, Amaryllis, Diente de león, Gladiolos, Nigella de damasco, Tigridia, Lillium y Tulipanes.

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11 pensamientos sobre “Flores II”

  1. Ahhhh what a gorgeous collaboration – truly masterful, beautiful in every way, both the photography (breathtaking) and the music (heavenly) How lovely to discover !

  2. Hi I just posted a small article on your newest timelapse. Great Job!! I am amazed how you were able to catch such stunning footage with a simple setup. May I have permissions to use images from your website for my article?

    drew gardner

  3. Dear David
    Your work is amazing! Simply wonderful.
    My name is Guy and I’m kindly approaching you with a request:
    We are a young photo bag company named “miggo” . For the last 2 years we design innovative camera bags and straps. We are about to launch our third Kickstarter project in which we’ll present a beautiful camera bag that can be expanded just like one of the flowers you shot.
    I’m asking for for your permission to use one of your videos for the beginning of our Kickstarter video. it can be a breathtaking start. Obviously we’ll do our very best to promote your work as much as we can via our website and facebook.
    Looking forward for your answer.
    Guy Sprukt, miggo

  4. Hola, I am very interested to know who wrote the music accompanying the ‘flowers opening’ clip which has appeared on FB recently. I’d be very grateful for any information. Muchas gracious, Sally

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